Success is about learning from failure

It has been said that failures are outcomes we had not planned for and certainly didn’t want.  Yet failures are inevitable in our own lives because any human endeavour can have either of two outcomes-success or failure.

Strange as it may seem, failures can have a positive role to play in our lives if we can learn from them . Failures can make us more resilient by building our inner strength. This is something I have had to learn over my own career; I had to build my personal resilience to endure and not to easily succumb.

Following some failures in my own life I have learned to analyse and review why they happened . I have been  encouraged by the words of Winston Churchill when he said;” Success is the ability to go from failure to failure without losing your enthusiasm “.

In a way,it is reassuring to know that most successful high-profile successful people experienced many failures before eventual success .From their stories  I have learned failure is not the end if I have the resolve to pick myself up and keep going . I have realised that those who try more also fail more and those who succeed do so because they keep trying

In analysing failures we might come to  realise  that we could be on the wrong road or chasing the wrong goal . This should not be an excuse to give up . Knocks are inevitable and some can floor us – ask any boxer . We might need to change plans and find a new route to the same destination or a different route to a different destination if we are failing all the time . Careful analysis of why we fail is the first step to ultimate success.

Those of us who fear failure must tackle that fear as it can paralyse us and bury our dreams . As former American president Theodore Roosevelt once said ; ” Each time we face our fear we gain strength , courage and confidence in the doing”.

It seems to me that those who can endure failures and bounce back are more likely to succeed . Take the advice of another famous politician, Robert Kennedy and move on with your life ; ” Only those who dare to fail greatly can ever achieve greatly “.

Failures can teach us a lot about ourselves , We can learn  to endure and move on; to be resilient and adaptable;to grow and improve. Failures strengthen our character if we have the right mental attitude – to  endure and not to succumb or wallow in self-pity. Failures can make us better if we choose to learn from them.

Success therefore can arise from failures if our character is strengthened  and our  capacity to grow and learn is enhanced . We need to adopt a benign view of  failure as a learning experience.

Success is achieved when we  stay focused on where we want to end up and we keep going in that direction. Setbacks and failures are inevitable and how we react to them is a matter of choice.We all need to plan our goals , objectives action plan and timelines. And we need to have vision, discipline , purpose , right attitude and commitment. Don’t allow your setbacks to erode your commitment to succeed. ” If you are going through hell, keep going”-Winston Churchill.

Believe in yourself  and conquer your fears.Remember your will  to achieve  comes from your mind . Are you your own best friend or worst enemy ? Believe in yourself and others will too.


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