Every Leader’s Reality Guide

Strategies to Release Your True Leadership Potential.

Using my life and leadership experiences , gained in a variety of leadership roles over three decades, I set out how leaders or aspiring leaders can ignite their true leadership potential.

Each chapter of Every Leader’s Reality Guide is laced with insights and strategies as well as personal learning experiences that will truly transform any leadership role. A must for any leader’s desk.

The inspiration for my book, Every Leader’s Reality Guide, arose from a realisation that my own wide-ranging leadership experiences over the past thirty five years was worth sharing.
While reviewing my own varied leadership journey I realised that good and bad experiences were part of an exciting learning pathway. In this book I explore what it really means to be a good leader and I show how you may need to change your ,life, values and leadership skills.

Looking back on a long leadership career I saw how much I had changed. To survive in leadership, I had to change myself; to change my own self-image and to change how I viewed life; to match my positive attitude with resilience; to match passionate commitment with a strategic work ethic so that vision translated into reality.
This book is for you and about you. Each chapter is a challenge for you to become the best leader possible you can be. It covers many aspects of what it means to be a good leader while allowing you to self-assess your own leadership ability.

I have learned many lessons on my own leadership journey and I now share those with you. I have enjoyed writing this book and I am so pleased that it has been endorsed by some high- profile leaders who have read and approved the entire book.

This book is for you; I think it will change you and certainly enhance your leadership role. Every Leader’s Reality Guide is, I think, provocative and transformative. Time to self-assess.

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