How To Bring Your Best Self to Work

Michael Moriarty navigates the path to great leadership with brilliant positive thinking strategies in a rapidly changing world. He is highly accomplished to guide us through this territory with four decades of experience in senior leadership. His particular skill and charm lie in his frankness about how he himself has overcome the minefield of his own self-doubt whilst successfully activating his talent and potential in the field of leadership. The strength of this book lies in its attitude- honesty about our own failings is as vital to the journey to self-realisation as knowing what our innate potential is. We need knowledge of both. Michael brings great balance, insight and wisdom and I would highly recommend this book to anyone looking to navigate good leadership and success in their lives.

Síofra O’ Donovan, novelist, travel writer and biographer

I wish I had this book starting out my career. It is full of wisdom, insights and practical advice that are all too often learned the hard way and sometimes too late. I would highly recommend How to Bring Your Best Self to Work to anyone interested in progressing their career, being a good leader, or simply wanting to be the best they can.

Ger Deering, Financial Services and Pensions Ombudsman

Packed with the life experience of the author this gem is a must read for those starting out on a career. However, this book offers far more. Its chapters provide the reader with an opportunity to dip in from time to time to recharge the batteries and refocus in times of self-doubt.

Daniel Wisniewski, General Secretary, European Federation of Education Employers

Its value is in how it makes individual readers confront themselves to maximise their current potential, to work on their future careers while enjoying every moment of that journey.

Phil Ni Shéaghdha, General Secretary, Irish Nurses and Midwives Organisation.

Whether you are starting out or refocusing this great book will provide you with the tools to build a successful, exciting and healthy career. Read it cover to cover or dip in from time to time to recharge the batteries and refocus in challenging times or when struggling with self-doubt.

Senator Gerard Craughwell, Seanad Eireann.

Every Leaders Reality Guide

Mary Davis, Chief Executive, Special Olympics International
Michael explores the topic of leadership with great depth and knowledge and a lifetime of experiences. I would highly recommend this book for anyone who is an aspiring leader or a leader wishing to enhance their leadership skills; for those who want to make a change happen and inspire a brighter future.

It touches all the aspects of what makes a great leader including passion, vision, self-belief, motivation, communication and loyalty. It’s about guiding others to success.

It will transform the way you think about yourself; it will test your values.

Michael Mc Elligott, Chief Executive, Tetrarch Capital
Michael’s book provides great clarity about the critical roles that our value system, vision and self-belief play in shaping us as leaders. Michael’s book is well written, easy to read and provides a very practical guide to succeeding in the field of leadership.

It compelled me to recognise the need to reflect on my own leadership position and style, to reassess my own core values regularly and to become far more conscious of the direct impact these matters have on our business.
I would happily recommend Michael’s book to anyone with an interest in values-centred leadership

Barbara Novinec, President of ESHA (European School Heads Association)
Michael Moriarty offers the principles and values for the kind of leadership that brings mindfulness into the workplace. A practical, inspiring read, with values that matter in leadership and full of real examples of everyday leaders making the world a better place.

Ruairi Quinn, former Irish government minister
This is a must read book for anyone starting a career in business, community work or politics. It is equally an essential read for current leaders.
The title of the book has been carefully chosen and the subtitle is an indication of what is contained in the twenty chapters. In addition, there is a wealth of information and a range of provocative quotations from anonymous people in the past, as well as famous writers and politicians.

While a lot of research has gone into this book, it is based largely on the authors own personal experience. Growing up and coming of age are most peoples’ experience, but the author’s father was both a school teacher and a local politician . This is some pressure!

Leadership and management are the two strong themes which dominate this book. This is where the author really opens up and draws from his wide experience. Each, mistake, setback and defeat is carefully described as well as the lessons which were subsequently learned.

This book is a practical manual for those who have leadership thrust upon them. It is also for people who find themselves in management roles for which they were not prepared. I can also think of many politicians who could use it as a refresher course.

This is a must have book for any serving or aspiring leader.

David Walsh, Group CEO, HaloCare.
The genius of Every Leader’s Reality Guide lies in its simplicity and its contents, 20 chapters of pure gold, real authentic pointers on how to become and remain a great leader.

What it Said in the Papers: The Execution of Kevin Barry

“What a wonderful treasure-chest of information around the execution of Kevin Gerard Barry. It is a page turner which asks questions about Kevin and Ireland’s recognition of this boy who gave his life for our republic” –

Senator Gerard Craughwell, Seanad Eireann.