A Healthy Body And Mind Are Essential For Success

The greatest wealth is health – Vigil.

Good health is a means for better living and is the foundation of a happy life. Leading a healthy life means that you are physically and mentally fit and in good shape. It took me years to understand that I could never be my best self at work unless I improved my overall fitness level. By doing so I improved my mental and physical health.

I also realised that I could actually enjoy engaging in a more active lifestyle but I needed to pull myself away from my desk and a heavy workload. The time spent on my own health and well-being actually helped to improve my  work productivity. I could do more in a  shorter period of time because I had much enhanced energy levels. I became a better all-rounder because I felt better in every way.

Many of us today can succumb to work pressures where we focus all our attention on our careers or career trajectories and little or no attention on our personal well-being or physical, emotional or mental health. We may develop unhealthy habits by leading largely sedentary lifestyles. By doing so  we are doing ourselves an injustice.

Our physical, mental and emotional status determines our overall ability to function well. it is no accident that most of those who lead highly successful lives or careers are also those who prioritise and care for their own mental and physical wellbeing. The old adage that a healthy body is a sign of a healthy mind rings true today as always.

Good health opens the door to happiness and contributes to successful living. Our mental health, our state of  mental and psychological wellbeing impacts our emotions and behaviours. Our cognitive health (our mental alertness and sharpness) and our social wellbeing  (communicative abilities) are largely dependent on the quality of our mental wellbeing and are strongly connected with our physical health.

Good health is not just about the absence of  disease. Good health is a means to better and more successful living. Yet many people pay little attention to their overall health or ever adopt a healthy lifestyle. Some people pay more attention to their cars than they do to their personal health. Your health is your responsibility and it should be your top priority, like your relationships, family and career. Good health is about having a good lifestyle and only you can deliver that.

There are multifaceted benefits relating to good health. Enhanced feelings of happiness and wellbeing, stronger immunity against illness or disease, increased physical and mental strength, enhanced capabilities and increased feelings of contentment are some of the obvious benefits. By investing in your health you gain lifelong returns so truly health is wealth.

The challenges of modern lifestyles can lead to poor physical or mental health, if we allow that to happen and do not take concerted action to care for both our bodies and minds. if our focus is elsewhere we may ignore the state of our health. For some people their life is their work and work alone. Striving for personal success can become all consuming and to the detriment of our mental and physical health. The widespread use of technology and social media and the availability of various transport options have also contributed to diminished physical activity while also contributing to increased stress levels.

Bad habits, created over time, are hard to break. Bad attitudes to our physical health may arise from a lack of interest or a perceived lack of time. Sedentary lifestyles, overwork or bad eating habits may damage us physically and mentally so we need to be alert to their inevitable negative impacts.We must become convinced of the benefits of good all-round health because belief leads to action. We may only realise the value of something when we lose it and this is certainly true about health.

Affirmative action will require changes to our sedentary lifestyles and to our work-life balance. Forming new habits and re-learning behaviours will lead to a healthier, balanced lifestyle with reduced stress levels, less anxiety, less irritability or less depression. The first step towards a ‘new you’ is to take ownership of your health. Your physical state of body impacts on your state of mind and vice-versa. If you take care of both mind and body they will take care of you.

Healthcare authorities have changed their approach from reactive responses to a more proactive promotion of good health. Preventable health strategies heighten the focus on the individual to take more responsibility for their health and wellbeing. Public health strategies are now more  focused on preventative measures which promote changes in lifestyles, thereby reducing risk factors. A healthy nation is indeed a wealthy nation.

From life experience I have come to value the benefits of good health. As I get older I am far more focused on lifestyle choices which promote my own health and wellbeing. I am fitter and healthier now than I was 30 years ago. It has taken me a lifetime to exploit the potential of those activities which give me a  more balanced lifestyle and which enhance my personal wellbeing. Why not shorten the process and get active now and secure the many benefits of good physical, mental and emotional health? Success in this aspect of life will lead to all round success so it is a no-brainer!

To keep the body in good health is a duty….otherwise we shall not be able to keep the mind strong and clear – Buddha.



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