Confidence brings success

Confidence brings success and optimism brings achievement. If you really commit yourself to believe in that statement your life can change. Often I have to remind myself of the veracity of that statement and how it can influence me to stay determined and focused on what are my goals.


Helen Keller


It was Helen Keller who once said ;

“Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence”


Nice to read this but do you live with optimism in your daily life ? Do you view your world through a positive lens ? We all need to work at building our confidence levels and having PTA- positive mental attitude – is key to this process.

You owe it to yourself to develop and maintain a positive attitude which is easy in good times but less so in tough times in our lives. This can best by achieved by controlling our minds and by stopping negative self-talk. This often takes the form of self-blame or just feeling sorry for ourselves . Less complaining and blaming and more positive action is the formula for success.

How great are you ? Do you really believe that you are gifted with talent ? In my younger days I often wondered if I had any talent ; I was not good at field sports , singing or golf . But I didn’t care because I was determined to be as good as I could be and I was never going to let others drag me down.

Believe in yourself because if you don’t you should not expect others to do so. Don’t let your fears control you and don’t let your mind control you. Daily, I need to make a positive decision to remain positive and confident with myself and my life. I control my mind and I need to work at that daily or otherwise I live in torment . I make a daily choice to commit to being positive .

Life is no bed or roses but neither should it be a ” vale of tears”. There are times of sorrow and sadness but these will pass. Again Helen Keller reminds us ;

Life is like a daring adventure or nothing


We can all learn from failure and adversity and we should do that because it makes us stronger. Success is often built on failure and remember you are a work in progress;you are never the finished product. The important thing is to keep trying. My mother use to say that God loves a trier so be stronger than your excuses and stay in forward gear! Never ventured , never gained.

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