An Achiever’s Checklist For Success.

If you want to start a new business or set out on a new career path you will surely feel inspired and motivated. You will want to be the best you can be about what matters to you and nothing will matter more than your new venture. However, to fulfill your ambition and reach the level of success to which you aspire, you will need to ask yourself some honest questions. Vision and passion are most important but other attributes are also important if you want to achieve your goal. The following questions are a useful checklist for any person setting out on a new initiative, business venture, or career pathway.

To get started are you sure you have the specific knowledge and know-how to undertake this new venture or pathway? Have you the expertise and competencies necessary to deliver success? Ask yourself the questions that you might be asked in a job interview where the purpose is to determine if applicants have the requisite expertise to be successful.

Have you sufficient courage and conviction to stay the course? Like a marathon runner, you will hit a wall and there will be roadblocks along the way. You need to toughen up and build your resilience. Courage to start and resilience to keep going.

You might have the vision and the ambition but do you have a detailed plan to achieve your overall goal?  Are your goals S.M.A.R.T. ( Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Timely) goals? Are there specific actions that are time-framed and achievable? You might plan to go to the moon but getting there is another matter which requires effective implementation of a well-devised plan.

If yours is a fledgling initiative you will need to secure any appropriate available financial and mentoring supports from those agencies which can assist new enterprises and initiatives. Have you done your homework?

Do you work hard? A simple question but hard work is at the core of every success. Do you know the difference between being busy and being effective? Do you prioritise those actions which are most likely to deliver the results you need?

Are you a positive, persistent, patient person? You need to be if you are the achieve your overall ambition and goal.

Are you reliable and consistent? This is about staying calm and measured in your actions. It is about being perceived as being in control of yourself and your project.

Integrity and trust are essential for success. You engage with others so you must be known as a person of integrity. Few will do business or engage with a person they do not trust. Are you known for these qualities?

Do you have high standards in terms of inputs and outputs? Aim to be the best you can be at all times and build a reputation for quality.

What is your work ethic? Are you a goal achiever? In other words, do you have a reputation for delivering results? Sometimes we let our busy lifestyles cloud our vision and we can lose sight of what has to be achieved every day and week. Can you translate positive intentions into tangible results?

Can you build a circle of relationships and strong networks to support you and your venture? Networking is essential as is your ability to inspire others.

Do you have good listening skills? Do you focus on people and value them as assets? Are you flexible and approachable? These are important attributes for success.

Can you avoid distractions or ending up in blind alleys? This is a bigger problem than you might imagine. Stay focussed, stay on track, do not veer off course. What gets scheduled gets done.

In your situation do you know what success looks like? Have you kept the final goal in sight? Remember, too many goals only split your focus.

Do you regularly check your progress towards your goal so that you stay aligned with reality? Discipline is about consistency in action and consistency over time. Discipline is the link between goals and accomplishments.

Are you always open to new ideas? Are you a lifelong learner committed to enhancing your skills and the skills of colleagues? Life must be a continuous learning experience underpinned by innovation, creativity, and ongoing change.

Our lives should be governed by principles and by embracing principles for success we can indeed achieve our goals.

Work hard for what you want. Stay strong and make it happen.

Michael Moriarty is the author of Every Leader’s Reality Guide.







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