Who’s afraid of Artificial Intelligence ?

The single biggest challenge facing many of us today  is the rapid pace of change and innovation where a culture of workplace transformation is driving performance. Our workplaces are more digitally driven with a greater reliance on digital technology. The rise of big data and analytics, the emergence of cloud computing , the greater use […]

Are you a time user or time waster ?

Living in this technology-enhanced world subjects us all to many, immediate and varied distractions. Social media has enhanced our world but also provides enhanced distractions which can consume vast amounts of our time if we let that happen. In our daily lives and occupations more of us could be classed as knowledge workers who engage […]

If you want to touch the future , touch a life-unknown author

While recently researching a chapter for my book I noticed that a large number of successful people and many good leaders emphasised the importance of contributing to society and helping others achieve their full potential . Many leaders believed in making a positive impact in other people’s lives . A significant number who had achieved […]

Confidence brings success

Confidence brings success and optimism brings achievement. If you really commit yourself to believe in that statement your life can change. Often I have to remind myself of the veracity of that statement and how it can influence me to stay determined and focused on what are my goals.     It was Helen Keller […]

De minimis non curat praetor

The title above translates as ” the magistrate does not concern himself with trifles” ( the praetor was a Roman magistrate) and needs to be borne in mind by serving or aspiring leaders. Indeed it might also apply to any of us who want to accomplish our professional goals . I have always been fascinated […]

Failures Make Us Stronger

I can recall a time in my youth when I feared failure. I became so cautious that I was reluctant to take any  risks . I was really risk adverse to such an extent that I had become the classic under-achiever. At some stage I became aware of what Theodore Roosevelt ( American president 1901-1909 […]

Attitude is everything

It has been a while since I have blogged but I now return with renewed passion and zeal. For the past few months I have been distracted by a significant writing project of which I will tell you more at a future date. My research for that project has helped me appreciate the importance of […]

Education , Jobs and Digital Transformation

Reading today about a Digital Summit in Dublin reminds me that across Europe the onset of this digital age requires all European governments to be proactive in preparing their workforce for the onset of artificial intelligence , automation and various other technologies which are profoundly transforming our places of work . As President of the […]

Tech Job Vacancies

The recently published report by Fastrack into Information Technology ( FIT Ltd) reveals that there are currently 12,000 tech vacancies in the tech sector in Ireland. This is both amazing and worrying. Amazing that there are so many unfilled vacancies in the Irish tech sector which has almost 100,000 tech employees ; and worrying because […]

It’s my life again

Just over two weeks ago I retired from my main occupation as General Secretary at ETBI where I had served for 21 years. In fact I had been in employment for 45 years and served in a senior management position for 38 of those years. I had to demonstrate vision, develop strategic plans, set and […]


My day of reckoning has arrived. Today April 30 is my last day in my current post . Yes , I volunteered to stand down as General Secretary of Education and Training Boards Ireland ( ETBI) having served 21 years but it is still not easy. I have read the books about this stage of […]

Retirement or ” Refirement ” ?

Yesterday was a career defining day for me as I released an ETBI (www.etbi.ie) press release announcing my successor as General Secretary a role which I have had for the past 21 years. For 45 years I have been a salaried employee and for 38 of those years I have worked in a senior management […]

Free to comment

For 21 years I have been the General Secretary of ETBI and after considering this matter for some months I have decided that it is time to step aside .I step down from my current post at the end of April . I think I have had some influence in driving change in the Education […]