Trust takes time to build but seconds to break.

All human relations are built on trust.  We know from  our own life experiences that trust has to be earned. Solid partnerships are built on mutual trust -it is a two way process. There is a wise old proverb which encapsulates the fragility of trust in any meaningful relationship : Trusting you is my decision. […]

Gratitude is the greatest of all virtues.

The word ‘ gratitude’ derives from the Latin word ‘gratus’ which translates as  grace, graciousness or gratefulness. Gratitude is the state of feeling gratitude towards someone or something. It was the ancient  Roman philosopher Cicero ,who said that gratitude is not only the greatest of the virtues but the parent of all the others. Buddha […]

Why did I write my book on Leadership?

I have just published Every Leader’s Reality Guide and I am overwhelmed by the very positive feedback from so many people ( My book is available on While my book has been endorsed by some national and international leaders I am humbled that  many readers also find my book to be really helpful. I have been […]

Every Leader’s Reality Guide

  I often ask myself why I have spent weeks and months writing my new book –Every Leader’s Reality Guide. Why did I feel I needed to share my knowledge and insights about what it means to be a good leader ? I was always fascinated about leaders and leadership and I found myself in […]

Leadership, leaders and followers

If you think leadership is for someone else then think again. We are all leaders in certain circumstances and at certain times in our lives. As a parent, as a friend or as an adviser we all assume leadership roles even if we do not see ourselves as leaders. In my new book, Every Leader’s […]

Skills gaps are a challenge for educators trainers and us.

Recently I tweeted that almost 70 million Europeans lack adequate reading, writing, numeracy and digital skills at a time when western economies are transforming from being industrial based to requiring more services ,digital and people skills. Today the speed of change is truly phenomenal. Up to 45% of today’s jobs can be automated . Across […]

Who’s afraid of Artificial Intelligence ?

The single biggest challenge facing many of us today  is the rapid pace of change and innovation where a culture of workplace transformation is driving performance. Our workplaces are more digitally driven with a greater reliance on digital technology. The rise of big data and analytics, the emergence of cloud computing , the greater use […]

Are you a time user or time waster ?

Living in this technology-enhanced world subjects us all to many, immediate and varied distractions. Social media has enhanced our world but also provides enhanced distractions which can consume vast amounts of our time if we let that happen. In our daily lives and occupations more of us could be classed as knowledge workers who engage […]

If you want to touch the future , touch a life-unknown author

While recently researching a chapter for my book I noticed that a large number of successful people and many good leaders emphasised the importance of contributing to society and helping others achieve their full potential . Many leaders believed in making a positive impact in other people’s lives . A significant number who had achieved […]

Confidence brings success

Confidence brings success and optimism brings achievement. If you really commit yourself to believe in that statement your life can change. Often I have to remind myself of the veracity of that statement and how it can influence me to stay determined and focused on what are my goals.     It was Helen Keller […]